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Management Consultants, Project Managers and Technical Advisers


MCCG Guyana is an affiliate of MCCGUSA LTD, an international management consulting, project management and commercial real estate firm. The company has roots in Guyana where some of its principals are dual citizens. MCCG Guyana's Country Director is Mr. Kelvin Saul, an experienced executive, businessman, and rice farmer who has been a senior adviser to MCCG since its inception in 1990. The Guyana office is equipped to provide an array of management consulting services to businesses, institutions, government, NGOs, and entrepreneurs, with support from consultants in New York, Trinidad, London and Mumbai who visit Guyana or work remotely with their local colleagues and strategic partners. Practice areas include general business consulting, health project and program management, health care, construction management, oil and gas, real estate advisory, mining, and applied technology. The firm is committed to sustainable, ethical practices and behavior, and a policy of corporate social responsibility including local development of people, the environment and other resources. Please send inquiries to:  Guyana@mccgusa.com.