Jason Martin

Managing Director

Licensed Real Estate Broker

P: (212) 269-6126 x1001

Mobile: (212) 425-0437

F: (347) 394 2444

Jason Martin is the executive with overall responsibility for relationship management and business development. He is also the principal for management consulting and real estate,

Ian Jones

Managing Director

P: (212) 269-6126 x1002 

F: (347) 394-2260

Ian Jones is principal for the execution of project management and consulting operations at the firm.

Lewis Spann

Managing Director

P: (212) 269-6126 x1003

F: (347) 394-2133

Lewis Spann is principal for construction and engineering for the New York City metro area, with some twenty years of project development and construction experience. 

Sean Moss

Senior Director

P:(212) 269-6126 x1009

F: (347) 394-2444


Sean Moss is a Senior Director with responsibility for government business and is the Project Executive charged with oversight for the New York City Metro Area and the Washington (DMV) Area.